4talk is a cloudy messaging app for those who want to have a quick access to all their messages, regardless of what device they use for that. The app creators have taken care that all message history is available from any smartphone or PC and have made registration requiring simply a user’s phone number.

4TALK MESSENGER REVIEWMessenger background:

4talk was developed by a European company 4talk Global. The company’s headquarters are located in Lithuania. The CEO is Sergey Kravtsov. The number of downloads in Google Play equals 100,000 – 500,000. The app runs on Android, iOS, Windows PC, and Mac OS X. To access the app from any device it is enough to enter a user’s phone number and then enter the password that will be sent to this number.
Chatting in 4talk is convenient and well-designed.
You can see whether the message that you sent has been read.
Another significant option is that you can delete the message that you have already sent. After removing, it will disappear from the chat of both sender and the recipient.
Thanks to the cloud storage mechanism, a full message history will be accessible from any device on which the account is open at the moment.
All messages reach the recipient regardless of whether he is online or not, thanks to the cloud storage of messages.
As most similar apps, 4talk offers bright smileys and stickers.
Media data transfer
Thanks to the large volume of transferred files (up to 3 GB), the app’s opportunities in transferring media files are quite wide. Besides, files that have been uploaded to the cloud once will not have to be uploaded again when resending.
Types of transferred data:
Whatever the size of an image, the recipient will see its preview. If he taps it, the image will open in its actual size.
The function of automatic decreasing transferred images will improve the speed of their transfer.
A user can instantly send a video he has just filmed. The receiver sees a preview on the screen and is able to download a video. After the video is saved, it will be available for watching, posting in social networks and sending over.
Thanks to the cross-platform structure of the messenger, the video will be played any time you tap the button, regardless of the video type, since when going to the cloud, it will be converted into the suitable format.
Sharing your location to the recipient can be implemented by first defining it via mobile phone connection or via GPS.
The function of describing a route (for driving, walking, for using public transport) on a map that you send along with the location allows the recipient not only to know where the sender is located but also figure out how to get to that spot to meet him.

Voice messages are sent by using a voice recorder. Once you begin recording, you can put it on hold, cancel, or set it to be recorded automatically when tapping the image of a microphone. When making a recording, 4talk does not require holding the button. This makes the use of this functionality even more convenient.
Sending a phone contact does not require any special effort, since 4talk interacts with the contact list and the data in it.
Users can share files of any types from any devices.
Conference calls and group chats
Users can make conference calls and set up group chats with an unlimited number of participants. All the message history since the very beginning will be visible even to those users who have just been added to the group.
You can invite new users by adding friends from Google Contacts, Microsoft Outlook, vCard or CSV, SMS, e-mail, Telegram and other messaging apps or services that you use. Once you have sent an invite, you just need to wait for your contacts to install 4talk and – there you go.


Simple registration procedure by just entering your phone number.
Unlimited number of devices: smartphones, tablets, home and office PCs.
Messages history totally synchronized.
Messages protected by encryption protocols.
Recording an audio file hands free.
Showing a route on the map along with sharing your location.
Always accessible storage space thanks to using the cloud.
Storage of all information from the very beginning of corresponding and easy access to it.

No a/v calls.

App trivia:

The character featured in one of the sticker pack is the CEO, Sergey Kravtsov’s, cat – Arseniy.


The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox

The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox
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