AppMess Review: Venux Connect free download

AppMess Review: Venux Connect free download

The way it usually happens is that a messaging app is either totally secure but has very few functionalities or has plenty of them but user accounts can be hacked.
Venux Connect is simple to use, secure, free – all at once. This is a new player in the market and it seems to have only strong points. A wide range of options and functionalities is certainly a good thing. But can they all truly make your communication safe?


Messenger background:

AppMess Review: Venux Connect free download● Venux Connect was made by Venux, US.
● The app was released on August 29, 2014.
● The developers believe that the advantage of their product is that it supports different types of communication and ensures a proper level of security.
● Information is secured thanks to a P2P system – Stealth Technology – that does not involve a centralized server or cloud storage.
● The app allows sending text messages or making A/V calls. A user can record an A/V call only if the other side does not object. The app also allows sending voice/video messages.
● The authors of the project say that a person can use just one login and password to access all Venux’ apps.
● Venux supports secure transfer of files and screenshots.
● The app supports group chats for up to 30 people.
● The only language the app’s interface supports is English.
● The app is free to download.

AppMess Review: Venux Connect free download
● Anyone who wishes to invest in Venux Connect can buy special add-ons. They are split into categories for users’ convenience.
● The app works only on desktops. There are two versions: for Windows and for Mac.
● Venux Connect requires 35 MB of your PC’s storage space.
● The app allows dividing contacts between groups and add them to “Favourites”.
● You can search for necessary data through contacts or message history.

AppMess Review: Venux Connect free download
● A user can upload an image for his avatar and can set a status message.
● The app does not save user data. Besides, there is actually nothing to save: an ID is the only thing that identifies a user in the app.

App trivia:

● Three updates have been added within a year of the app’s existence. This means that Venux Connect is in demand and the developers are prepared to improve it as best as they can.
The branded Venux Stealth Technology uses over 20 encryption algorithms.

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