Tango Messenger 3.16.0 Update


All Android users rejoice! There is a new upgrade released from the Tango Messenger app developers. This time the technical team decided to focus not on the app’s new features and functions, but on the enhancement of the performance quality.

For those new to this Android app, it is worth mentioning the pool of functions. Tango Messenger allows texting to individual users, as well as creating group chats, making and receiving regular and video calls, sharing photos and indicating your status to all the Tango community.

Tango Text Voice Video CallsThe app works through the 3G/4G connection or Wi-Fi. It is available in the Google Play Store. Keep in mind that you have to upgrade your Android device to the 4.0 version or have APK installed on it.

Coming back to the upgrade itself, the developers have worked on improving the quality of the video calls, both individual andgroup video chats. Everything:, speed, picture quality and sound of the video have been improved. But remember, that it still depends on your Internet connection too. The audio quality and transparency have also improved, so now the user is able to hear fewer background noises.

Hurry up and download the upgrade – it`s free – and enjoy a better communication!

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