Wire introduces Timed Messages

By Helen Walker


European messenger Wire, which offers end-to-end encryption to all its messages, calls and video, has introduced a new feature: Timed Messages. Much like in Allo or Snapchat, users can set a timer and after it runs out the messages will disappear automatically.  “Not everything we share is created equal. There are certainly moments we want to keep around and revisit days, months, or even years later. There are others that only make sense in a particular moment in time. That’s where Timed Messages come in. They are a great way to make sure what you’ve sent will only be available for a limited period. You’ll keep the chat history tidy and save space on your devices,” the company wrote on its official blog.

The Timed Messages feature works within already existing chats. And users can set timers for anything in a chat, including text messages, images, videos, links and documents. “It’s also perfect for sending sensitive data like credit card details, login information, and other private matters. The messages will automatically disappear from the conversation once the timer runs out,” the company writes.


In order to use the new feature, you and other people you chat with need to have the latest version of the app. Timed Messages are already available on iOS, Android, desktop and Wire for Web.

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