Twitter is looking more like a full-fledged messenger

By Helen Walker

Twitter has rolled out an update, adding read receipts to Direct Messages. Read messages are marked with a blue check mark next to the timestamp’s indicator. The users, who installed the app’s update will see a corresponding message in DM – “You can now tap on your Message to find out when it’s been seen”.

The new feature is turned on by default, but if you do not want other users to see, when you’ve read a message, it can be turned off. Simply go to Privacy and Safety settings and turn off the option. At that, nobody will be able to see whether you’ve read their messages, but you will also not be able to see, when you messages have been read.

In addition to read receipts notifications, Twitter has also added in its latest update a typing indicator and expanded previews for links in DM, which now look like the previews in tweets. We all know these features from the popular chat apps, like WhatsApp, Viber and others. And Twitter adding them points to the app moving towards becoming a full-fledged messenger.


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