HipChat released native video conferencing system

By Helen Walker

HipChat released a new HipChat Video platform that allows users to start a video conference with the click of one button and provides more control over who they want to see. It is a native feature, so users will no longer need to have separate accounts in other services that were integrated into the app in order to start a group video chat.

“So often the best ideas happen outside of the meeting room. Inspiration doesn’t care about your schedule—it strikes when you’re refilling your coffee, taking a lunch break, or chatting in a room. But as the workforce becomes more distributed, teams are losing these casual opportunities to connect. The new HipChat Video platform solves this problem, putting group video chat and screen sharing right where your team is already collaborating – your rooms. Completely rebuilt, the new HipChat Video platform rivals the most stable, reliable services on the market,” the company wrote on its blog.


Upon downloading the app’s latest update, you will see a new camera icon right above the member list in every room. To start a video chat, simply click on that icon and everybody in the room will be automatically invited to join. The meeting members can also share their screens.


Improvements have also been made to 1-to-1 video. You can still have a private one-on-one chat, but if you need to invite another person in on the conversation, you now have the ability to do so using an invite URL. In order to invite a colleague, you need to click on the person’s icon, copy the invite URL and share it with whomever you want in on the conversation. The private video will automatically turn into a group chat.


The new HipChat Video is rolling out over the coming weeks to all HipChat Plus customers.



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