Instagram is testing Save Drafts

By Helen Walker

Instagram is testing a new Save Draft feature that lets users save their changes to photos without posting them. The option is what many users have been wanting for some time. Before, going back in the app you would see a warning that all your changes would be discarded. Now, when hitting the back button, you will see a new menu – you can save the draft or discard it.

It seems some Instagram users had this feature appear back in July, while in August the feature has appeared on many more accounts. I updated my Instagram app two days ago and it wasn’t there, but today it became available to me.

Still, the company insists that this is just a test and there is no word on if and when it will roll out fully. “We’re always testing new ways to improve the Instagram experience,” said a representative of Instagram, but declined to provide further details.


Nonetheless, judging by the thrilled online responses from the users, it seems that it would only be logical for Instagram to make Save Draft a regular feature.



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