Google launches Spaces messenger

Google has launched a new messenger for group sharing called Spaces today. It’s not easy to get all friends into the same group or even the same app, if you want to discuss a specific topic, as some of your friends might prefer to use one messenger over the other. Moreover, it is even harder to keep the group conversation on topic. As a result, information gets lost in endless threads and is not easy to find, while sharing things often involves hopping between the apps to copy and paste links. With all these challenges in mind, “we wanted to build a better group sharing experience, so we made a new app called Spaces that lets people get people together instantly to share around any topic. With Spaces, it’s simple to find and share articles, videos and images without leaving the app, since Google Search, YouTube, and Chrome come built in,” says Google on its official blog.

Creating a space is very easy. The home screen of Space app displays the spaces that you already have and provides the option to create a new one. When you create a new space Google will automatically assign a color and cover image, which you can change to your taste by choosing “customize space” option.


Once you create the space you can invite anyone via a message, email, a social network, or any other way. The menu of your current spaces will show you the current participants and the Activity tab informs you of the recent posts and comments made by your friends.

When a user wants to share something, he or she just needs to tap on the blue arrow button and insert the link or image. Once a user shares something new to a space, the participants will see what the group is discussing at the moment in the conversational view. You can tap on a link or a video and leave your comments within a conversation. Moreover, you can do all that while reading or watching the link. And when you need to find something, the Search option will help you with that in no time.

“We’ll also be experimenting with Spaces this week at Google I/O. We’ve created a space for each session so that developers can connect with each other and Googlers around topics at I/O, and we’ve got a few surprises too. Give it a try and create your first space today,” wrote Luke Wroblewski, Product Director at Google.

Spaces is now available on Android, iOS, desktop and mobile web for all Gmail accounts.

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