Wire messaging app offers secure file sharing

Wire messaging app announced it was introducing end-to-end encryption to file sharing within the app.

The new feature allows you to send all kinds of documents, videos, PDFs and files with other extensions. The file size limit is 25Mb. You can preview common files types right from the chat or open in another app.

To send a file on Android and iOS you will see file sharing icon among the conversation tools that pop up when you tap the + at the bottom of your chat. On Wire for desktop the file icon is located next to the text area in a chat.

“Just like all other conversation content in Wire, the files are securely and privately fully end-to-end encrypted. Like your conversations, your documents belong to you and Wire has no access to them,” stated the Wire.

In fact, Wire was the first messenger to introduce secure messages for all users followed by other popular messengers, like WhatsApp and Viber.

The new feature is rolling out to all app’s users in the latest versions of Wire for iOS, Android and desktop.

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