Instagram introduces video channels in Explore

Today, Instagram has started rolling out an updated Explore featuring video channels. To begin with, you will a personalized channel called “Videos You Might Like” with videos from all over the world. Then as you scroll down you come across “Featured channels” featuring videos on specific topics, like “Meet the New Comedy Stars”.

Nonetheless, despite the new changes, the Explore will continue to work the same way, connecting you to posts from people you don’t yet follow. The more you like posts, the more the Explore adjusts to your preferences showing more the stuff you might like. If you don’t like something you can simply tap “See Fewer Posts Like This” in the menu.

To start, these updates to Explore will only be available in the United States both in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play.
“We’re working to bring this to the rest of the world soon,” wrote Instagram in its blog.

This is not the first upgrade Instagram made to its video feature; it recently increased the time limit for videos posted on the app to 60 seconds.

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