Snapchat introduces 3D stickers to moving objects in video

Two weeks ago Snapchat released probably its biggest update Chat 2.0 with a slew of new features, such as voice and video messages and a sticker library with 200 stickers.


Today, the company introduced yet even cooler feature – 3D stickers that can be attached to an object in a video and move around with the object or subject they’ve been pinned to. So you can place a sticker emoji on your face or on any other object in your video.


You can use the new feature by recording a video and then choosing the sticker button on top. You then pin the emoji to where you want it and, as Snapchat says, the app will track the object with the sticker on it as it moves. The stickers move, rotate and scale automatically in the video.

The new feature is rolling out for Android users and will become available for iOS shortly.

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