Facebook Messenger now lets you send Dropbox files

Facebook Messenger now lets you share Dropbox files directly in-app, without you having to switch to one app, copy the link, see that it works and then paste it into the messenger’s chat.

Dropbox is now fully integrated into Messenger on both iOS and Android platforms. Users will be able to send photos, videos and documents directly from the chat.

When you need to send a file in a chat, just tap the “More” button and you will see the Dropbox interaction option. Select it and a menu of your Dropbox files will appear. If you want to send a video, a photo, or a GIF, Messenger will provide you with a preview; for any other type of file, you’ll have to jump out to Dropbox itself.

As is everything in Facebook, the new feature is rolling out gradually, so if you are not seeing it yet, just wait a bit.

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