Slack makes roadmap available for all

Slack makes roadmap available for all

Slack has just made its platform product roadmap available for all. By following the link, we can see that the roadmap is divided into near, mid and long-term plans and the ongoing improvements.

There are three major platform product themes to highlight: App discovery (to help customers discover the right apps), Interactivity and Developer Experience (to provide developers with better tools, like app analytics and simple ways to gather customer feedback).

Not all of those are currently available, but Slack promises to soon introduce events like API and “interactive messages”.

Slack also shared an ‘Ideaboard’, which represents “a list of useful ideas that could be built into Slack apps per conversations we’ve had with our customers.” The goal of the Ideaboard is to continue this momentum by creating a bridge between our developer community and our customers’ needs.” Although it is currently empty, we can expect it to fill fast.

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