Facebook introduces video search and codes for finding friends

Facebook introduces video search and codes for finding friends

With Facebook Live now available to all, the company is improving its services further. It has now updated the Search for users to be able to find both streaming and posted videos.

The Live videos can also now be found in topics that are Trending on Facebook. You will see the video in the Search result pages and an indicator that says that the video is streaming right now.

You no longer need to search through to find a video you once watched or the one you are interested in – just type in a few keywords and the list of all kinds of related videos will appear in the search results.

Furthermore, Facebook is also making it easier to connect with people over its Messenger by introducing new ways to start chatting, namely Codes, Usernames and Links. Now all Messenger accounts will have dedicated links located at m.me/[username] and people can start a chat by following a link. Usernames on Messenger are the same as on Facebook.

Also, the company is in the process of introducing Messenger Codes, which represent a series of dashes and dots around your profile photo. Once you can it with you camera you the app will add that person to your contacts and you will be able to chat with him/her.

As always, all the new updates are rolling out gradually, but it shouldn’t be too long, before they become available for all.

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