Skype adds holiday spirit with a new update


With the biggest holidays of the year, Christmas and New Year, just around the corner Skype launched a holiday-friendly update. “The holidays are a time when people want to gather with family and friends, but it’s not always easy to get together in person,” writes Skype, explaining their desire to help people connect. The updates are available for desktop, iOS, Android and web versions of the software.

Skype users can now add flying snowflakes to a video message, to turn their cheerful visages into a personalized moving holiday card that can be shared through Skype, Facebook and other social networks, or email.


The next new feature is the group video messaging. Now you can send video messages to several people at once and they don’t have to be online to be able to view it. High resolution video messaging is available on iPhone, iPad and Android. Although Microsoft is the owner of Skype, this option is not available on Windows.

Holiday-themed emoticons and Mojis from favorite holiday movies and TV shows as well as Mojis created by Skype will help you express your feelings during this special time of the year. The new emoticons include Xmas tree, Santa, Polar Bear, Reindeer, and more.

The last but not least, Skype now offers to send Skype Credit to your friends, family and loved ones with a holiday gift card attached.

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