Shift Messenger For Managing Work Schedules Raises $1.5M


Shift Messenger, a Y Combiner alum, aimed to establish connection between colleagues, working on different shifts, announced closing Round A with $1.5 million in funding from a group of seven investors. The round was led by Verison One Ventures, accompanied by Golden Venture Partners, Venrock, QueensBridge Venture Partners, Kapor Capital, NewGen Venture Partners, and Commerce Ventures.

The messaging app is absolutely free and allows creating group chats with one’s co-workers. That makes it easier to manage working schedules, lets colleagues fill in for and secure each other, and to control unclosed shifts. The service can be used by any employee: for those, who do not use smartphones, Shift has launched a web-version.

Part-timers with several jobs can participate and create chats for each of their jobs. Managers of, say, franchising restaurants or local directors, can also set up multiple chats.

The total amount of funding raised by the Y Combinator alumn is $1.6 million, $100,000 were given by the accelerator.


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