TwilioDuring the SIGNAL conference arranged by Twilio, one of the most important events was a new API, IP Messaging, presentation. It allows developers to build chats into their web and mobile services. The IP Messaging API has mobile push-notifications, chat history, and a typing indicator built in.

Thanks to using IP Messaging, any mobile app or website can integrate a messaging service, which does not require usual infrastructure. In theory, with Twilio’s API you can even create a full-scale messaging app like WhatsApp.

Large companies can now use the global conference calling service, which supports voice communication between as many as 250 participants, and an “epic” high-load service, developed specially for donations and all-hands meetings.

The Messaging Copilot service, announced by the company, adds analytic functions to apps that deal with SMS. Developers can now send SMS or MMS to any part of the globe using a local number, and the number will be adapted to the recipient’s location.

As for the Twilio’s recent purchase – the Authy project – has been given an update that lets users approve login requests that come with simple push-notifications.


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