Bars is a messaging app for a non-standard communication with your family and friends. Here instead of usual messages you will be offered to share song lyrics and quotes.

Have you ever had a feeling that a certain song can express your emotional state to a friend better than any words can?

Bars Messenger will easily help you find the lyrics of the song that’s on your mind and use it for a new message or a discussion. To send the lyrics of your favourite song, you just need to type in a few key words in the text entry field. Afterwards, you will just need to choose a line from an offered list and send it.

Indeed, that’s a new, original and interesting way of communicating!

If you have been humming a tune or song for a long time, share this with your close people. Probably one of them was recently humming the same song. If you are tired of flavourless communication, then you will certainly enjoy using this new creative app. The new Bars Messenger will help you share the mood you are in, let you express your emotions in a brighter way and just share pleasant moments of your life with the people who are dear to you.


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