BleepBleep, an app for secure message exchange, sharing video files, and for making voice calls. Founded by BitTorrent, it has overcome the figure of 200,000 users. The alpha version was available on Windows, Android, and Mac.

Thanks to the P2P architecture, the system identifies a logged in user not by the name but by his device, which allows one to stay logged in incognito.

In the company they say that the Bleep logo that resembles a folded note looks similar to an origami bird. This should make users think of old-school methods of delivering information.

Now BitTorrent releases the app’s new version; it’s only available on the iOS platform, though, so far. Users will definitely appreciate such a new feature of it called “Whisper” mode: all messages will automatically self-destruct in 25 seconds after sending. It will be impossible to neither save, nor copy, nor even make a screen shot of them.

The “Whiper” mode allows this app to differentiate from the similar apps like Snapchat, where messages, even self-destructing, are stored on servers, even when they are deleted from users’ phones.

BleepYou can activate the “Whisper” mode by tapping a little icon in the corner of the screen. All messages sent not within this mode will be stored on the user’s device, as it was in the alpha version. In both cases, the recipient will see these messages only if s/he is online.

However, for those who are crazy about security and confidentiality, will find the Bleep’s innovation insufficient. E.g., BitTorrent has not yet come up with an idea how to protect voice calls in the app.

At the very beginning BitTorrent earned a reputation of a pirate company, because it distributed content illegally. Then, after the company had begun to implement P2P architecture in its work and created such products as Bundles, Sync, and Maelstorm, The release of a secure messaging app Bleep has only made the BitTorrent’s image of a reliable business platform stronger.

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