Viber makes calling inside Nepal free


As it was reported before, a lot of free messaging apps helped Nepal residents communicate better during the first earthquake. Unfortunately, Nepal suffered a second earthquake – 7.3 on the Richter scale. After such a disaster, Viber introduced the free call feature to the region.

It is not clear why this could not have been done immediately after the first quake. In any case, this solution is better than nothing. Such a free service provided by Viber allows families, who have lost close people and loved ones, to reunite in a country, whose infrastructure and means of communication have been devastated by the earthquake.

viber nepal

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook, are not falling behind Viber in providing help to the victims. These companies are running and optimizing services to help people find each other. At the site of the incident, drones and heartbeat sensors are widely used along with search dogs and helicopters to search for survivors under the rubble. The high-tech machinery was delivered by the countless charitable organizations and the world’s largest corporations involved in the cleaning up the consequences.

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