Free cheese can be only in mousetraps, as they say. A recent survey says that calls in WhatsApp, that are supposedly free of charge, can be pretty costly.

In order to make free calls within WhatsApp you need a Wi-Fi connection or an active data transfer – in that case, you will be able to contact a person in any part of the world. Well, that’s good if you use Wi-Fi in a café. Otherwise – things look bad.

AndroidPIT experts decided to find out how the making of calls would impact a person’s budget if they use mobile Internet traffic. One minute of telephone calling uses 1.3 Mb of data. Basically, they point out that the figure could be lower too – like 600 KB. At any rate, this means that a 500 Mb-packet volume is equal to only 6 hours of calling, which is 11 minutes per day. On average, you will be spending traffic at the rate of 960 KB per minute.

Here is what Mibiletor experts say.

If you take 1 GB of monthly mobile traffic that you spend only on calling from WhatsApp, with average figures that would mean about 1,250 minutes of conversations via calls per month. It’s just 40 minutes per day. Not too much.
Landline calls are mostly cheaper.

A little lifehack from experts: WhatsApp on Android gadgets will use less Internet traffic (600 KB versus 1.3 Mb).

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