Sensay – practical advice app


Sensay is a messaging app that you can ask about anything, whether it is the best pet store in the neighborhood or where you can have a hypnosis therapy. How does it work?

SensayYou have to sign up for the service, which will ask you what sphere of normal and abnormal life you have most experience at and your sphere of expertise. The areas can differ much, and they are nicknamed “tribes” or “hats”. As soon as you are finished with the official part, you can text a Sensay. You type in “Need” first, then your request like “what is the best hotel to stay in NYC” and the app will connect you with the person, registered in Sensay, who will be able to answer your question the best way.

The service is made so, that your personal adviser is found according to the fields of expertise, location and tips given by other people. As all the conversations are anonymous, and you don`t know how good the person on the other side of the line is, the creators have set ratings for both parties. Both parties engaged into discussions receive Sensay coins for the team work. The one who asks can give bonus coins to their Sensays. When all of these niceties are exchanged, the conversation will be automatically closed by the app.

sensay_Currently, the number of people asking questions and responding at the same time is about 50% of all Sensay community. This kind of strange messenger has more psychological background than it seems. The top of the iceberg is of course the issue of trust and belief. We think you may agree, that when in need of advice you tend to ask your family or close friends first, then you search the internet. Further on, and that’s the most difficult part, comes addressing professional services.  And with Sensay you have to believe a one-time contact.

As the Sensay app is still being developed, its team suggests new features like: Sensays getting real money, addition of “buy/refer” button for advertising and/or connecting with the companies. You can sign up for Sensay – we are #60083…Ah, let`s hope retweet and Facebook share will secure a couple of numbers up the line.

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