Snapcode is a new way to stand out


It looks like Snapchat has decided to take over the messenger market. And it has all the grounds for that. In the first place positioning itself not only as a messaging application but as a medial leaders’ partner, it is now aiming to bind together storytelling and branding. How did it manage that? Snapcodes.

Snapcodes were first introduced in early January to eliminate the problem of adding contacts manually. User could just scan the code from another user`s screen with a Snapchat camera and create a new contact. In no time Snapchat community created millions of new bonds with no effort.

snapcode personal Personal Snapcodesnapcode personalSnapcode

What Snapchat developers have done, they gave the users the opportunity to self-brand. Snapcode can now be customized to your liking, meaning you can put all the symbols on your code. Of course, there are several rules:

  • do not change the shape of the code
  • do not change or invert colors of the code
  • keep all the borders
  • keep all borders a black solid line
  • do not change the shape of your ghost on the code

Snapchat offers you to download some guidelines and vector files. You can not manipulate the basic outlines of the Snapcode, but to insert a logo in the “ghost” should be no problem for you. The other thing is that your Snapcode can be printed out on any material. So now your Snapchat account is a binding thread between your admirers and a brand story. The majority of marketing experts will agree that such a combination is a winning one, as it brings your customers closer to your product. And as to Snapchat in general, introducing such a feature it secures some new business users for itself.

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