Telegram Launches New Contest

telegram android challenge

It is a mystery why, but the Russian Telegram Messenger authorities (Pavel Durov himself, apparently) have launched a contest for a making new messaging app. The announced competition is just the first stage of the contest.

The major condition is that the app is to be made for Android 4 and 5 versions.

The interface suggested by the contest organizers is pretty simple, to be honest. It is even minimalistic, you can say. Still, the app sent to the jury for consideration must be able to:

  • Log in a user (naturally, a registered one).
  • Show the list of all chats and separately selected chat too.
  • Exchange messages.
  • Share photos.

Among the technical requirements, there is the compulsory use of the Russian Telegram API and of the TDLib library as the basis.

The criteria for assessments are “the minor items” (whatever that means), the speed and the plasticity of the animation.

By the way, a mere trifle of one million roubles will be split between all those who manage to get into the second round of the contest.

All candidates can take part before 20 May. You just need to send the apk files and the source Android files to

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