Facebook Messenger, Web-Version. Reasons and Targets Behind It

facebook messenge

Facebook has announced еру the release of the web-version of its Messenger, following the example of Telegram and WhatsApp.

If your first reaction was “Why on earth, there is Facebook for that?”, we are playing for the same team.

However, after we had dug into some facts, the point of this step became clear to us.

Let us be honest – Facebook is distractive. The newsfeed is full of politics, stickers with cute cats, and your friends’ selfies. At the same time, this is often the fastest way to get through to a friend of yours.

If somebody asks you: How to write to a friend/colleague in Facebook, without getting distracted by Facebook itself? The answer is: Facebook Messenger. Web-version.

You can find this update here – messenger.com

facebook messenger

A simple-looking interface with a contact list on the left, a large chat window in the centre and all the options that the mobile version of the Messenger offers that have been brought over here, including voice and video calling with stickers. Besides, you can also activate notifications on your desktop, which is a first.

So, if you are one of those, who feel that Facebook steals your time, thus destroying your efficiency – why don’t you try the web-version. Staying undistracted in it is so much easier.

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