Emoji Keyboard for your Macbook



Kikstarter is rounding up money for the production of emoji keyboards.

 The developers decided not to produce a fullfledged gadget, which is why it will be released for Macbook Pro and Air in the form of a removable silicon cover that fits over and around your keysI cant quite wrap my head around this idea. Why would they do something like that? Makes no sense.

NeverthelessDisk Cactus creative agency seems to think that its a very sound idea and they predict that theyll need to raise roughly $20 grand to make it happen.

Let’s get this straight

For 20 bucks you can get a cover for your Mac keyboard that will protect it from moisture and dust (I couldn’t come up with any other positive advantages). However, its main purpose is to fill your correspondence with emojis that are as accessible on your laptop as they are on your device.

All you have to do is put it over your keyboard, install the drivers and you’re good to go! Caps Lock is now responsible for activating emojis, while your fingers have 150 strangely fantastic emojis at their disposal.



*I can already picture the meetings and demonstrations with their posters that read: “Hell no! :) wont go!”*

Ill stop with the skepticism for a while to say that the prototype cover doesnt look all that bad, and Disk Cactus isnt actually a startup company, but a full-scale firm with their own products and consultation services.

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