Weev Is Hands Down the Most Fun Messaging App



One doesn’t simply write this post and keep a still face. Weev gives off the impression that it is reintroducing the internet and different applications. Can you imagine the internet without spite, aggression, bots or trolls? When was the last time you recorded a video without applying any filters or effects and without feeling embarrassed for your ‘imperfections’?

Weev and Snapchat have certain similarities, like their impulsiveness and naturalness to say the least.

What is Weev and how is it best served?

Weev is a community that invites people to record and publish short videos, like Vine or Instagram. It could be an announcement, a question, an idea – basically, anything your mind cooks up.

So, what makes it cool and worthwhile?

 It is just good fun. In the 30 minutes I’ve used it I posted a video on the color of my eyes, showed my office buddies to my fellow weevers, and welcomed the new guy at work with an exclusive high five. It is a place where you dont have to worry if youre filming some useless junk, don’t need to edit or photoshop the videos. It is an instant emotion exchange app that engages people from all over the globe.

Heres an example of how weevers reply to who’s sitting next to you?’:


All weeves are placed under one feed, however, you can filter the videos according to the number of views, replies or likes. You can also dig around to find the weeves you like in the categories section –there are loads to choose from:


You can follow any user or join any interest group. Basically, you can use the standard features of any social app.

Weev is addictive, you can emeet new people in very unusual ways, and it really is entertaining. Give it a go, if you still havent

For the time being Weev is only available on iOS devices, but there isnt a grain of doubt in my mind that that it will be ported to Androids. I predict this app will be incredibly popular in the upcoming future.

The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox
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