Last year’s leak of Sony’s corporate correspondence is going to have a dreadful impact for the authors of those messages for another long time. Thus, thanks to it, we know that Snapchat was on the final stage of negotiations regarding the purchase of the startup which focused on working with QR-codes. It was not quite clear first how the messenger was going to use the newly acquired functions. But yesterday the mystery was finally solved. The point is that the new messenger has a function, which allows scanning special snap tags with the camera and thus you can add new people to your friend-list quickly.

This feature is meant to solve the problem of long and inconvenient process of adding new friends. You are welcome to try and test the new function on your devices:

Snap tags could become a huge step towards making the messenger popular, since popular users now can easily post their tags in Instagram or Twitter, attracting new subscribers. Snapchat team’s goal is to motivate people to spend even more time in their app. Due to this fact, snap tags are after another goal which is a consequence of the previous one (simplifying the process of adding friends): make people have all acquaintances on their friend lists. Besides, taking into account the Discover function, news and events will constantly appear on a user’s profile.

If you look at the situation from this angle, it will become clear why Snapchat’s management decided to spend $50 mln to buy, an app which hardly anyone has heard of.

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