Talks about the dominance of messengers and their current overabundance on the market are like talks about the weather and politicsyou can talk all day long without saying anything in point of fact. Such a number of applications for communication can be explained quite simply: not a single market player has been able to fully meet user needs by including all the necessary elements in their products. If this rule hadn’t worked we would have had a dozen Wikipedias and a hundred Twitters by now. That is why such a young market still has vacant spots, while the war for the throne is just beginning.

Not a single market player has been able to fully meet user needs


At the mention of Pavel Durov’s name many Russians probably automatically think of the outdated clarification: head of VKontakte. However, one of the most interesting and controversial entrepreneurs of the former USSR has long since left his brainchild and has fully devoted himself to what he sees as the future of Internet communicationsa secure instant messenger called Russian Telegram. While still in charge at VK Pavel was continually getting a lot of unique analytical information on user behavior online, which became the basis of which he made decisions regarding his further steps. There’s a good reason why Mark Zuckerberg, being the owner of Facebook, started branching out in the direction of instant messaging. An accurately chosen niche for your product is the strength of every great entrepreneur.

Getting back to the point I want to mention that Pavel not only has exceptional qualities to be a CEO, but also has his own trademark techniques for promoting his ideas, creating a full-fledged business around the product. In this context, it is hard to imagine the creator of Russian Telegram spending so much precious effort on something that will not ultimately bring him dividends in the future. This is where it gets interesting: at first glance Telegram is an altruistic product, designed to give humanity free and safe communication. But is everything as smooth as it seems?

As an alternative you can familiarize yourself with the opinion of Russian Ventures managing partner Evgenii Gordeev, who ventured a guess, while discussing this issue with Siliconrus. Evgenii sees one way of development. Russian Telegram could sign a deal with some hardware manufacturer (for example, Xiaomi) and create a combined product on their platform using the former’s software, implementing security at the most fundamental level. Thus it may solve the issue of monetization and deeper positioning that goes beyond a single messenger. Secondly, according to the analyst, Pavel will be recognized as the creator. This is exactly what can attract a public figure of such magnitude in a time when money is no longer a motivation and success is a part of the daily routine.

It is difficult to guess what motivates drive Russian Telegram’s creator, but the fact is that it is bound to be a very entertaining story.

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