App stores are packed with messengers. Each one captures the audience over a certain territory. Looking ahead it is obvious that future messengers will span across all grounds.


They are a real pain in the rear for mobile operators, who are losing billions due to the reduced number of sent text messages. Considering the apps’ scope of coverage, companies can easily lose a lot of money if they decide to terminate cooperation, and, in the worst case scenario, they can even lose their entire business. This concerns banks, mobile game developers, taxi services.

We get the following picture – if you have an army of daily active users you can sell them anything. This is a tidbit for vendors, advertisers and national security agencies.

Imagine the messenger of the future:
1. Order food and products in a separate chat with stores. The store can join your contact list, if it pays for it.
2. Search engines scan correspondence and advertize the mentioned products.
3. The sticker store will support flight ticket purchases, ordering taxis and so on. All purchases are completed within the application.
4. Money transfers in every messenger, the money is sent with just a few clicks, like a text message.
5. Messengers will absorb one another. Their quantity will drop and the features will be identical.
6. Highly protected messengers will be in. After the iCloud photos were leaked, Skype’s swindler history, in addition to statements made by the British PM.
7. Medical advice via audio messages, online diagnosis thanks to cameras that can measure your pulse.
8. Aggregator messengers will appeara single account for WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, Telegram and others.

Back to the Future creators went wild with imaginationin 2015 these fantasies became reality. Now we just have to pick a year and wait for the aforementioned points to come true.

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