Chinese Tencent launches WeChat Enterprise

Tencent, the owner of China’s most popular messaging app with approximately 700 mn active monthly users, has launched WeChat Enterprise for businesses. It is a separate app for managing office communications, which is quite convenient as it separates private chats and business communication to avoid distractions. In China the app is called Qiye Weixin and in English WeChat Enterprise.

The new app was first announced in March and it has the most features of the standard WeChat, including creating groups, sharing photos, voice messages, files, locations and even stickers. There are, however, also work-only features, such as “coffee break” setting that lets people know that you are currently ‘away’. The ‘receipt’ button notifies the users that the message or a post has been read.

In addition to messages, phone calls and business correspondence, WeChat Enterprise also allows companies and their employees keep track of annual leave days and expenses that need to be reimbursed, according to Tencent.

It is currently available only in China. Since the app is designed for corporate clients, companies have to register first and only then the employees will be able to access all the workplace features. Furthermore, signing up is not that easy unless you are already a rather large business in China, as you will need an official Chinese business license to register.

It has not been announced when the new app will be available in other countries.

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